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Proudly Made in Minnesota
Toilet Totes

The Toilet Tote™ is a patient “toileting system” that is designed to efficiently contain content, minimize odor and provide a safe disposal vehicle for human waste.

Manufactured by North Shore Medical LLC, the FDA registered, dually patented Toilet Tote™ is a disposable plastic container seamlessly fitting into nearly all portable commode chairs. In addition to its “ease of use” for the patient and care provider, the Toilet Tote™ replaces the bucket where dangerous patient “ricochet” or “splash” events can spread common infections frequently found in hospitals and care facilities. It also serves as a first line of defense for suspected, but undiagnosed illnesses, such as C-Diff.

our mission

Provide cost-effective human waste disposal solutions that improve workplace conditions.


Minimize the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections such as: C-diff, MRSA and E. coli commonly found in healthcare facilities.

Save Money
Cost effective VS the costs of Staff Cleaning Commode Buckets

Cost effective VS the costs of Maintenance fixing plumbing due to flushed wipes

Cost effective VS the costs of a Hospital Acquired Illness – C-diff

Improve working conditions for staff
No more cleaning buckets

Saves time for nurses and staff

Reduction of “Splash” injuries from Nursing Staff
Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
FDA Registered

One hospital who went to our system across multiple units saw a 32% reduction in C-diff over a year!

Deep ringed commode bag with absorbent contents similar to a diaper, prevents “ricochet contaminants” often associated with bucket style commodes

What our customers are saying

These improve patient safety, can’t trust that the buckets are clean.

I wouldn’t change a thing, I recommend this product at all hospitals.

We needed these 10 years ago!

Thank you for making these.

These Rock!  Thanks for getting these.

Awesome product, thanks for bringing these in!

These are cleaner, safer, faster, better for staff and patients.

I wouldn’t change anything, they prevent C.diff!

I work in supply chain, LOVE not having to wash buckets!

If I am the patient, I don’t want someone else’s germs.

This means we never have to wash buckets again, ever!

These improve patient safety, can’t trust that the buckets are clean.

These reduce infection and improve surgical success rates.

These are cleaner. I want these permanently.

It’s brilliant, I wish we had them sooner, I wish I had thought of these. I love this product.

We refuse to go back to the old method.

These testimonials were taken directly off of surveys done across multiple hospitals and hospital systems after installing Toilet Totes™ in their units. Names and positions were kept anonymous.
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    North Shore Medical LLC, its principals or assignees bears no responsibility or liability for usage of the Toilet Tote™. Any customer use, care facility use or other entity use that results in the spread of infectious disease is purely the responsibility of the user. Any misuse of the Toilet Tote™ that may result in personal injury up to and including death is solely the accountability of the user.

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