About Us

Toilet Totes™ was invented by an ER Nurse in 2012 who saw the problems with current methods of toileting patients and said – “There has to be a better way”. Toilet Totes™ was born!

The business was run by Molly and Terry until September of 2018 when it was sold to new ownership. We’re excited to continue the legacy and honor the history of this product. We’re even more excited for the future and what this means to our world with helping patients, hospital staff, administrators and ultimately the Hospital Systems provide better, low-cost care solutions to the problems with Hospital Acquired Infections.

Minnesota has an incredible Medical Legacy with several major Medical Equipment Manufacturers in the region and boasts the largest medical equipment manufacturing market in the United States! We will continue to follow in the wake of these Titans and manufacture Toilet Totes™ right here in Minnesota. “Minnesota Made” has a great ring to it!

We look forward to your continued support and partnerships!